What is WARP?

WARP is our Wireless Autonomous Route Platform, a cross-platform native smartphone super-application where our users are able to plan a route to their destination using multiple available forms of public transportation in their city. WARP uses real-time city bus and train data and displays their locations and routes on our map. With this data WARP is able to determine the most efficient travel routes our users can follow to get to their destination in the least amount of time. With city participation, we hope to offer the ability to purchase bus passes and train tickets directly through WARP.

Public buses and trains not your thing? No worries, with WARP you’re covered. WARP also utilizes local hourly bike and car rental companies like Nice Ride and Hour Car. WARP will give you the location of the bike racks or parking lots closest to you and your destination along with step by step travelling directions. In the future, we hope to partner up with these companies and offer in-app purchases to rent a car or bike directly through WARP. All of this at the push of a button directly through your phone.

Still not satisfied? We are also making efforts to incorporate your local cab companies into WARP to offer our users yet another option in transportation. With their participation, we are able to display real-time locations of cabbies in your area for you to choose from. With a couple of taps, WARP will be able to estimate the cost of your fare, summon a cab to your location, tell the cab your destination, give you and your driver step by step directions, and pay and tip with your phone. No more need to find an ATM or carry cash just for the ride.

WARP in Action

Pictures not enough? Here’s a video of WARP in action as of April 4th, 2017. The moment our server receives location information it is transmitted to any WARP app listening for that specific data. With the exception of the cab icons, everything you’re being shown exists in the real world.

With real time data directly from an on-board GPS device or smart device capable of transmitting GPS coordinates we are able to place markers on the map with real-time accuracy as shown in this video. Here you will notice a much smoother experience as the bus icons travel along their routes, simulating two buses traveling and transmitting GPS coordinates. These coordinates are sent to our server which are then relayed to any device running WARP and listening for that information.