Our Company

Our Company

Kiral Industries is a software development company founded in 2013 under the directorship of Christopher Giavarini. Our work is focused on causes that advance the development and implementation of hybrid mobile and cloud solutions in a variety of industries. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota the Kiral staff is using 21st century technology and experience to create robust, and dynamic digital solutions to improve smart metropolitan infrastructures.

Our Team

Chief Executive Officer

Christopher is the founder of Kiral Industries. He is an experienced leader with a demonstrated history of working in the mobile technologies industry from retail to application development. His responsibilities with Kiral include management, customer service, strategic planning, and program management. Christopher was recently named an Alumni of the US State Departments 2016 International Reverse Exchange Program for his work on the Athena project in developing and deploying a mesh education platform in low connectivity areas in Ghana. Christopher continues to pursue his vision of creating distributed mesh infrastructures in a variety of industries. While not working on Kiral projects, he is studying for a degree in Information Technology Infrastructure, with minors in Computer Science and Economics at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.

Chief Operations Officer

Cullen Anderson is the Chief Operations Officer here at Kiral Industries. He handles the development and operational maintenance of most of our applications. A graduate of the University of Montana Helena College of Technology he double majored in both Computer Programming and Computer Networking where he learned how to develop programs in several computer languages and both build and operate a computer network. He also currently serves in the Montana Army National Guard as what is officially known as a Multichannel Transmission Systems Operator and Maintainer. He utilizes military equipment to establish wide area network communications with orbital satellites to bring internet connectivity to small networks in remote operations environments. Prior to serving in the National Guard he also served four years in the Army as an Active Duty soldier as a Cannon Crewmember where he worked with a team to efficiently operate a long range artillery cannon.

Administrative Assistant

Sonya comes to Kiral Industries with five years of experience as an executive assistant and data analyst mainly within the non-profit sector. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics with a minor in Mathematics from North Dakota State University. She is an excellent problem solver using her background in math and data to identify and pursue the best course of action. During her time as a research analyst for Second Harvest Heartland’s Hunger-Free MN program,  Sonya worked with big data and GIS mapping software to identify mission critical regions to the campaign. Her attention to detail and exceptional organizational skills are part of what make her an asset to our team. In addition to her roles at Kiral Industries, Sonya works as consumer loan processor for Mill City Credit Union in Minnetonka.