What is Athena?

Athena is a module based workbook application designed to help illuminate the path to a fulfilling career by identifying areas of natural success and interests pertaining to each individual student. Progression through the workbook can help suggest possible career fields based on the student’s natural talents and abilities.

Education is one of the most important achievements in our lives – yet for many children in developing countries, that opportunity can be interrupted by circumstances beyond their control. The Kiral Industries team first began developing the Athena application software in an effort to help reduce the gap between male and female graduation rates in developing nations by augmenting classrooms with mobile technologies. By working intimately with a number of international teams and contractors we are proud to announce that we have identified a three school coalition in the Volta region of Ghana to pilot the release candidate of this software.


Through the use of hybrid Wi-Fi and Mesh networking protocols, Athena will operate on its own network in developing countries with reduced dependency on external cellular infrastructure if it does not exist locally. Our ambition is to bring modern education into the hands of students in all walks of life.


Athena is a fun yet powerful learning tool for students in a hybrid virtual-physical classroom environment or a strictly virtual learning experience. Our application is designed to help students succeed at learning a multitude of courses and continue their education in or out of the classroom.

Athena In Action

After obtaining a grant from the Young African Leaders Initiative, our CEO, Christopher Giavarini, travelled to the Volta region of Ghana, Africa. During the trip he was able to work alongside Bright Dey, the founder of Communities of Thinking an Education-based NGO. Mr. Dey took an extreme interest in our software and helped make the trip a resounding success. With Mr. Dey’s assistance Mr. Giavarini was able to tour several schools in the country and put our pilot app in the hands of the children who would be utilizing it in the future. With Mr. Dey and the Volta Schools’ continued support we are striving to make Athena’s future launch a success.

Our Partners

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